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Growing Violet

AN: Warning, this story serves as a sequl to my previous story Elastibed.  As you might guess this means it contains massive amounts of weight gain, immobility, and bad girls managing to turn superheroines into helpless lumps of lard.  If you don't go for that kind of thing then don't read on.

Lilith, princess of the demonic realm slowly sneaked into her sisters bedroom a wicked smile upon her face.  

Her elder sibling Morrigan had been absolutely insufferable since her last visit to the human realm, chiefly because of the trophy/toy that she had brought back with her.  It didn't surprise Lilith that her sister had refused to share, in her place she also would have wanted to keep her newest treasure all to herself.

Of course she was equally sure that Morrigan wouldn't have batted an eyelash at the possibility of sneaking some private time with a possession that was suppose to belong solely to her younger sister, so Lilith felt not the slightest bit of shame as she layed eyes upon Morrigan's newest piece of furniture.  

In theory "it" was just a bed, or perhaps to put it better, in theory "she" was just a bed.  Gender hardly seemed to matter to what lay before Lilith now.  

It was a gigantic red blob about twenty feet across, and ten feet high.  About halfway down its length the red gave way to a band of yellow, and then a section of black before going back to red.  

In other conditions this patten might have brought to mind the scales of a lithe serpent slithering across the ground with lightning speed, but there was nothing at all lithe about her sister's bed, not any more.  

There were also a pair of pathetically small bugles about a quarter of the way down the creatures body that might once have been breasts, but such outcroppings no longer mater.  The... thing, before he was now simply too bloated with flab, cellulite, fat, and any other words you cared to choose in place of blubber, for "her" original gender to show much.  

Still the pathetic thing tried to rouse itself from its sleep at the sound of Lilith's approach.  The creature's face could move around its body, like the side effect of some strange paintings increased a thousand fold so that no matter what direction you approached she could be watching you.  

That face, for all transformations its body had undergone was still more or less the same Lilith guessed.  It had a pair of almond brown eyes, a surprisingly dainty nose (at least compared to the rest of her) and two cheeks which were somehow fat free.  

Those brown eyes were clouded by a haze of hunger and general lack of use but it managed to speak up in a more or less perfectly clear voice.  

"You're not mistress..."  The creature moaned.  Lilith giggled all the louder at these words.  

Her older sister had spared no detail when it came to describing how Helen Parr had once been a superheroine named Elastigirl.  Thanks to her well time demonic intervention however Helen had gone from paragon of virtue to a servant of the exquisite sin of gluttony.  

Despite still possessing her superpower which had allowed her to grow to such a gargatuian size, Elastigirl was now one of the most passive creatures imaginable.  

She lay in one place all day, unable to find the strength to move, ate whatever was put in front of her, and what she did with the rest of time, be it think (assuming she still could) or simply stare blankly into space, no one cared.  

Also luckily Morrigan had already prepared a spell to make sure her pet was house broken, or to be more exact never needed to go at all, so that she could lay around for days on end without sinking up the place.  

Lilith just smiled politely to Elastigirl's face before revealing the hand she'd kept hidden behind her back.  In it she was holding a number of chocolate treats that she planed to use as a bribe.  Sure enough the recently renamed Elastibed's eyes went wide.  

She struggled to try and free her face from the mass of her body, or move her body closer to Lilith so that she could snatch the treats from the demon princess' hand, but neither effort met with success.  

All she ended up achieving was sending ripples racing up and down the (considerable) length of her body like a mixture between a tide pool and a bowel of jello.  Lilith walked forward and gently dropped the foodstuffs down Elastibed's wide open mouth.  

She then gave the her chin (or what passed for a chin) a pat before she flapped her wings and left the ground behind.  Elastibed was so large that there was no way any normal person would be able to get on top of her, luckily Lilith was far from normal.  

A combination of her bat like wings and her magic letting her fly with ease.  As she lay back on top of Elastibed, Lilith could feel her body sinking into to the former superheroine's copious coating of cellulite like the words most comfortable self correcting matress.  

"Oh man I can really see why my sister loves you so much!"  Lilith commented.  By now of course the treats had already been chewed for every last morsel of taste and swallowed leaving Helen free to reply.  

"Elastibed good... great bed.  Elastibed is the bet at whatever she does.  She used to be a superheroine... Bubble Butt.... Bouncy Ball... Lard Lady....."  Helen pathetically intoned trying in vain to recall what her true superheroine name had been.  

Her difficulty only brought more giggles to Lilith's throat.  Her sister must have done a real whammy on this super slob's mind to get her to so quickly start forgetting about who and what she had once been.  

Not feeling quite tired enough at the moment to grab a nap (no matter how comfortable a resting place she had available) Lilith stood up and then she took a quick hop.  Then she did it again, and each time she hopped she landed on Elastibed whose blubbery rubbery flesh still had enough snap left in it to catapult higher and higher up.  

Of course her sister's room had an incredibly high ceiling (perhaps in preparation for the size that Elastibed might reach) so the Deamon Princess was in no danger of banging her head.  Instead she was able to just enjoy the sheer exuberance of playing around on the world's largest trampoline.

"WEEEEEEEEE!"  She cried out with childlike joy as she carefully changed the angle she was bouncing to make sure she didn't end up going over the edge of Elastibed's body.  

"WEEE...AIEEEEEE!"  Lilith cried out, her squeal of joy turning into something else entirely as a hand seized her by the neck.

"What have you been doing on my bed?"  Asked a void as cold as ice.  Lilith began to break into a sweat as she struggled to turn around, sure enough finding herself being held in midair by her older sister.

"I was just having a little fun Morrigan."  The demon princess pleaded.  But the infernal queen was having none of it as she glided down to the cold stone floor, pulling her sister along with her.  

"Elastibed is my toy, my pet, my prize, my piece of furniture, my whatever I want her to be.  If you want a fallen superheroine to play around with, go get your own!"  Morrigan instructed her sister, before tossing her from the room and slamming the door shut behind her.

Brushing the dust from her body and pouting mightily Lilith began to walk away.  If that was how her older sister wanted to play it, well so be it!


"Hi, I'm Lily..."  Announced a cute looking girl with playfully dyed pink hair as she sat down.  Violet Parr looked up at the girl who had chosen to join her at her school cafeteria and blushed slightly.  

"I'm Violet."  Violet responded as she awkwardly took Lily's outstretched hand and shook it.  Lily's eyes went wide with surprise and then she giggled.  

"Really?  Wow that's so neat, we're both flowers!"  She reflected.  Violet said nothing however, choosing instead to focus on her meal.  Her new found sense confidence that come with becoming a superheroine had taken a steep dive recently with her mother's disappearance.  

"So... I don't mean to push but... is it true what they say... you know..."  Lily mumbled her way through one phrase after another, each one digging a little deeper.  Violet could only shrug and sigh before shaking her head firmly.  

"Look it isn't not like that.  My mom just had one of her distant relatives die and so she went on a trip to pay her respect and catch up with a few old friends."  Violet responded, while trying to make it sound like she believed those words.  

In truth she and her family had been presented with an strange note from her mother that said there was some emergency out there that needed Elastigirl, and only Elastigirl to combat it.  

It hadn't said anything about how to get in touch with her, or when she'd be back.  Her father was trying to put a good face on things, but Helen had been gone for over two weeks now and people had noticed.  

Lily's eyes flickered slightly and she picked up her paper plate of french fires, held it over Violet's own and dumped about half of her its contents onto Violet's.  

"Here, you look like a girl who could use a good meal and a friend."  Lily commented.  Violet blushed again and struggled to smile politely back at Lily.  About a week after her mother's disappearance she'd returned to wearing her dark hair combed forward to cove her face and keeping to herself.  

But now evidently it seemed like for better or worse she had a companion who wouldn't take "no" for an answer.  Part of Violet couldn't help but wonder why something seemed to subtly off about Lily, but at the same time, the idea of having a true blue best friend who would be there though thick and thin was too intoxicating for her to resist.  

She grabbed up a handful of the fires that had been deposited on her plate and one by one ate them all.  Lily giggled at how fastidious Violet was before tossing two fries into her mouth at once, but otherwise remaining silent.  

Violet slowly reached for the plate and selected the three smallest fries she could find and ate all of them at  once.  Lily didn't even bat an eyelash as she with equal eyes managed to down four in a single gulp.  

Enjoying the camaraderie represented by the game far more than the taste of the food, Violet stoically decided that she'd just have to try for five.  

So it went, back and forth and back and forth until Violet was shoving entire handfuls of fries down her throat, while Lily watched without saying anything and for some reason the number of fries on the young superheroine's plate never got smaller no matter how many she devoured.....

"Ugggh..... what happened to me...... where am I?"  Violet Parr groaned in anguish.  

She was no longer in her school's cafeteria, that was for sure.  Her school's cafeteria room was made of brick and illuminated by florescent lightbulbs.  On the other hand, Violet's current location seemed to be made of carved stone and the only light to be had was being cast by flickering torches.  

As she looked at herself another big difference became evident to Violet, instead of the outfit she'd warn to school, Violet was now dressed in her supersuit!  Not wanting to just sit around and wait for answers she slowly got to her feet.  

It was as she did so that a third important distinction struck her, Violet's body had changed rather dramatically.  She'd once been so thin that it seemed like having her turn sideways would be just as effective at making her invisible as any superpower, now  however a bulbous belly jutted out of the middle of her costume.  

It was about the size of a basketball, but it felt like it weighed a solid ton, and Violet needed to support it with both hands in order to move about.  As she waddled her way towards a large forbidding door that had to be at least fifteen feet high, Lily came skipping in through a playful smile on her face.  

To all appearances the other girl was somehow completely unaware of their change in surroundings.  Nor did she seem to notice Violet's mammoth middle or brightly colored supersuit.  Even with the black domino mask on the other girl still clearly recognized her.  

"Hey Vi, how are you feeling?"  Lily asked as she walked up.  She slipped an arm under Violet's shoulder to give her stomach yet more support and Violet reluctantly began to lean against her.  

"Lily, for gods sake don't you realize what's going on?  This must be some kind of supervillain trap set for me, and it doesn't help that I'm already fat as a cow!"  Violet pleaded trying to get her friend to realize the severity of their situation.  

Lily just playfully giggled and began to pat Violet's belly which was had been stuffed rock hard with food.  

"Oh I wouldn't say you're fat as a cow Violet.  At least not yet.  But you are showing some quite promising paunch!"  Before her very eyes Lily suddenly transformed.  

Her hair remained the exact same color, but her red jumper and dress became a dramatic ruby colored corset, and a pair of batlike wings sprouted from her shoulders.  Violet acting more on instinct than thought pushed Lily away a once and ten focused her mind on going invisible.  

She was hardly in the best of conditions to make a run for freedom, but even a slow moving target was hard to catch when you couldn't see it!  

Except that nothing changed, Violet didn't go invisible, instead there was a painful gurgling from her belly and she dropped to her knees massaging it in a fruitless effort to set it at ease.  

Lily's laugh no longer sounded quite so innocent or playful as it rang throughout the strange room they occupied.  

"What's the matter Vi?  Did little miss invisible get a tummy ache?  Well its your own fault for eating like such a pig!  If you want my advice you should let that thing rest and avoid all strenuous activity including trying to use your superpowers.  No invisibility, no forcefields, just sit back and relax.  My real name is Lilith by the way."  Lilith announced.  

Then in an uncanny show of strength she managed to lift Violet up off the ground by herself and deposit her onto one of the stone benches that she had originally been sitting on when she'd first woken up in this weird place.  

"What do you want with me?"  Violet shouted as she waved her arms about, in a futile effort to try and harm Lilith.  With a stomach too full to let her use her powers or move around properly any fight Violet got into would be over before it started and clearly both of them new it.  Lilith sat down next to Violet, her hands roaming across the other girl's taught tummy.  

"I want this.  Well not exactly 'this' more like more of 'this' to be exact.  You see as a deamon princess I feel I'm entitled to the finer things in life, and those things I want, but don't yet have, I take.  For example Violet Parr... your stomach is going to be my new resting place.  Once I'm done with at least..."  Lilith explained.  

Violet's eyes went wide with shock, and she struggle to stand up, but between how much stronger a pull gravity had gained on her recently and the Lilith's left hand pressing down on her right shoulder she wasn't going anywhere.  

"You're insane!"  Was all Violet could think to say as she tried to imagine the implications of what Lillith had in mind.  The pink haired demon just smiled back at her.  

"That's your opinion  Now then Violet why don't you help yourself to a nice little superheroine-begone shake?  Its specially loaded with all the latest magic to turn trim do gooders into tubby do nothings!"  Lilith offered.  As she spoke, a milkshake materialized in front of Violet.  

She tried to lean away from it, but the straw sticking out of the shake must have possessed a mind of its own.  It grew longer an longer, and given her limited mobility it had no trouble at all lassoing Violet.

It wrapped itself around her neck tugged tightly to force her to sit with her forehead against the table, and then worked itself inside her mouth, slamming into her teeth again and again till she opened then in an instinctive reaction to pain, and then forcing itself down her throat.  

The straw then somehow managed to squeeze itself, push a thick white goo all the way through its considerable length and eventually into Violet's throat.  She felt a strange fizzy sensation as it entered her belly and Lilith rubbed her hands together in joy.  

"Feel that?  My shake is eating away at your muscles to make you limp as a wet noodle, not to mention making sure your skin will be able to handle quite a bit of stretching.  But that's not the best part, the best part is... well lets just wait till it finished...."  Lilith playfully taunted.  

Violet would have spat back defiance, but her mouth was clogged by the shake's straw and its gooey contents.  The thing continued to miraculously pump itself right smack dab into her belly which Violet could feel growing  both heavier and larger at an alarm rate.  When she'd finally emptied the shake, its straw returned to the normal length for such things and Lilith took her hand off of Violet's shoulder.  

"You're free to go now. if you don't want to be my plaything, all you have to do is find a way to leave this room."  Violet staired silently at Lilith, she doubted the demon was telling the truth, but it couldn't hurt to try and find out could it?  

The first step on leaving obviously was standing up, so Violet Parr tried to stand up.

Except that she couldn't.  

Looking down she discovered that her belly was now so enormous that it was wedged tightly underneath the stone table, she couldn't back away from it by standing up, nor could she slide away from it by shifting down the bench.  

She tried in vain to twist and turn for almost a full five minutes hoping to move her newly enlarged waistline even a single inch, before she finally gave up and laid her head on the table panting for breath.  

Lilith was clearly overjoyed by this result as she patted Violet's head of black hair affectionately.  

"Atta girl!  Feel the change?  You don't have a stomach any more Vi, now your stomach now has a Violet Parr attached to it!  I think two more shakes and you'll be the perfect size.  Ready to drink up?"  Lilith asked rhetorically.  

Sure enough another shake came into being before her, feeling pathetic and defeated Violet actually leaned in and took the straw between her lips and began to suck rather than waste the time it would take for its straw to come to her.

Lilith's eyes sparkled at this turn of events and she began to rub the back of Violet's neck the same way one might stroke a pet's fur.  

"That's a good girl Vi, now just keep drinking and soon you'll be 99% blubbery belly and 1% helpless heroine....

Urrrp..."  Violet let loose with a long belch as she finished her forth shake.  

Her stomach was now simply too big to be believed.  It was a not exactly round object about five feet across and five feet wide.  A huge, heavy ball and chain built right into her figure, the perfect way to make sure that a prisoner could never escape.  

It had long ago grown so big that it had shattered the rock table it had once been trapped beneath and now Violet felt both completely full and completely devoid of energy.  

Lilith showing once again that she possessed strength well beyond what she should have been capable of, gave Violet's belly a firm push and she toppled off the back of her seat and into something that looked like a gigantic wheelbarrow which had been brought just to transport her around.  

Her captor then circled around and lifted the arms of the wheelbarrow of the ground.

"You know I think you'll eventually grow to like it hear, and we'll become good friends Vi.  I mean you're just the right size for a wonderfully comfy beanbag chair now, and yet look at you, you've still got your arms and legs!  I've already got a bunch of other human stuff set up in my room so we can watch movies together or play video games and I'll make sure to lay down on you careful so I don't block your view!"  Lilith chatted along happily.  

Violet was only half awake at this point.  Even had she been fully awake it was doubtful she would have been able to come up with much of a response to Lilith's proclamations of how she'd come to enjoy the company of the demon ho had turned her into a gigantic bag of lard.

As it was the only thing that emerged from Violet Parr's lips was another loud belch.  

Lilith meanwhile began to wheel her new prisoner towards the temporary stop they'd be taking before she was brought to her new home.  

Her older sister was out at some important court function or other so this time there was no way that she'd show up to interrupt Lilith's fun!  After bringing Violet inside the room she unceremoniously dumped her out of the wheelbarrow and onto the ground before Elastibed.  

"Any time you feel down my little bloated butterfly, just think back and be glad that this isn't you..."  Slowly a brown haired face came to be that stared at the two for about ten seconds before a mental lightswitch turned on.

"Vi..olet?"  Elastibed moaned pathetically.  It took another ten seconds before Violet was able to make a mental leap of her own.

"MOM?"  She cried out in shock, unwilling to believe that this lump before her was once Helen Parr.  

The sound of Lilith's delighted cackling could be heard all throughout the castle.
This story serves as a sequel to my one Elastibed which can be found here [link] and is darker than most of my works since the good characters involve don't end up winning.

That kind of thing works for some people though so I hope those of you who enjoyed Elastibed like this one also...
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j2cc5 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2013
love this story, hopefully you can continue it. probably gonna have to use a different superhero family unless in part 3 you have the rest of the family trying to rescue these 2.
D-MENCIA Featured By Owner May 5, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
I loved this stories xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
You should make a third part to continue the elastibed saga!!!!

please ^__^
IWfan53 Featured By Owner May 5, 2012
What would you want to see happen in the third part exactly and what about the story do you love?
D-MENCIA Featured By Owner May 5, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
I will send you a note ;)
Most Excellent. :D
SuperMan123456 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2010
Shrrgnien Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2010
VERY nice. I love the eventual cave-in as the heroine realizes that there is no escape from the succubus...

Wish there was more to it, and hope you make more of these! :D
IWfan53 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2010
If I were to make another continuation what would you want to see happen in it?
Shrrgnien Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2010
Hm...that's a tough one.

Any constraints you would like to have? Say a particular series?
IWfan53 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2010
Not really but are you saying you want to see more characters get caputred and fattened rather then playing around more with Violet and Elastibed?
Shrrgnien Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2010
Hmm...I would like to see more characters share the same fate XD

BUt I would also like to see what happens to Violet later on. Lilith says she's only the size of a large bean-bag chair, right? Would Lilith like to make Violet even bigger, to have a bed like Morrigan does?
IWfan53 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2010
Lilith can still sleep on Violet's belly and no she'd want Violet to remain more or less aware of what is going on and possibly even able to do stuff like play videogames if she can figure out how to get both hands on the controler...
Shrrgnien Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2010

Maybe Lilith and Morrigan decide to get revenge on a Dark Hunter?
IWfan53 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2010
Okay I'll bear that idea in mind...
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